Kerb Finance

Community ISPO


The goal of the Community ISPO is to initiate the development of a Kerb Finance centric community which finds value in Kerb Finance's offering as a synthetic exchange.

What is the Community ISPO?

The community ISPO is the first ISPO launched by Kerb Finance. It will allocate $KERB to the first people outside its managing board.


Users participating in the ISPO will be the first ones to attain the opportunity to earn $KERB, the governance unit of Kerb Finance, a dividend yielding, decentralized, deflationary token.
Please find the in detail documentation of $KERB at About $KERB section.


1 ADA staked will return 0.0125 $KERB per epoch.


Allocated $KERB
11,250,000 (1.125% of the supply)
Upto 12 epoch
End Aug

Novel Allocation

Additionally each SPO will be given a portion from a reserved 3,750,000 $KERB (0.375% of the supply). They can choose how to distribute this allocated $KERB amongst their delegators. SPOs will receive part of the $KERB in an equitable manner.
Some possibilities of the Novel Allocation:
  • SPOs can choose to provide a booster with the additional allocated $KERB to incentivize time based staking.
  • SPOs can choose to distribute $KERB to delegators who have been staking with them prior to the ISPO launch date.
  • SPOs can conduct lotteries.
Via this allocation SPOs can devise novel economic models/strategies to attract delegators to their pools.

Transfer Fee

There will be a fee of 1% applicable on the amount of withdrawable $KERB to be paid in ADA.
Redeemable $KERB
Transfer Fee
100 $KERB
₳ 1
12500 $KERB
₳ 12.5

❗️ Transfer Fee Waiver ❗️

Addresses registering to vote in the fund 9 catalyst program will be exempted from paying the transfer fee.
Catalyst Fund 9 registration ends before 4/Aug/2022, 11:00 UTC.

Kerb Partners

Users can find the details of Kerb Finance partners (#KerbPartner) through the table below:
Partner Pools
Partner Pools
Partner Pools
Partner Pools
A3C Pool
POA Pool
TSC Pool
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